The Athol-Orange Rotary Club is a group of business and professional leaders who are committed volunteers working together to improve the local community. Last year this group of 30 members raised $22,453.07. Those funds were put back into helping the people and children of our local community with projects including scholarships, youth leadership activities, youth scholarships, the “Lifeline” program, youth sports and donations to over 15 other nonprofit organizations.

Our club and members also support the efforts of Rotary International . These efforts include the eradication of polio, to advance world understanding and bring peace through the improvement of health, the support of education,
and the alleviation of poverty through a collective voice.


Your Local Rotarian’s Include:

2014-2015 Board of Directors

Kirby Lecy – President                                 Kathy Kilhart – President Elect
Dawn Marino – Vice President                     Jeanette Robichaud-Im Past President
Lyndale Spencer – Secretary                       Carol Brigley – Treasurer
Curt Rand – Board Member                         Rebecca Bialecki- Board Member
Bill Howland- Board Member                     Bill Kessler- Membership Co-Chair
Bill Oldach- Membership Co-Chair             Mark Ellis- Club Services
Jim Meehan – International Chair               Andrea Buglione- Sgt. At Arms
Al Bowers- Foundation Chair

2014-2015 Members

Nick Kimball            Lisa Carey          Tanya Quinn      Ted Ledgard
Sara Lyman         Courtney Fifield           James Herbert
Marc Ostberg           Barbara Robichaud          Lyndale Spencer
Brian Hunton            Deb Vescovi         Mitch Grosky      Mike Grimmer


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